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shiroi_manju's Journal

These are my 108 secret techniques!~

26 May 1988
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  • Shiroi Manju

Mostly ramblings about school, sewing, drawings, and other things. Comment to be added, comment in general. Do not add me to steal my work- i will BAN_SET you.


Guidelines, since no one follows rules anyway:
1. FRIENDS ONLY- add, comment, wait until I get the email notification from LJ. I will add you as a friend, but only if I know you on my main journal.
2. Comment at least once in a while. If I didn't care about feedback/ who saw my art etc., then I would never have made this journal.
3. Unlike ragamuffinz, where I cut people once a year because thier journals are inactive, I will do periodic friend cuts to keep the numbers small. I do not want any of my pictures leaked out of my journal. I do not want any of my work- especially work in my portfolios stolen or copied. Ya dig?
4. I will not read journals on this username very often. Do not expect me to comment you unless I decide to not read the friend's page of my other journal. I *DO* read every single journal entry on my friend's page.

to be continued? :D